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Churrasco (Barbeque)

I have spent a total of 12 months in Brazil, and I haven’t met a single vegetarian yet. It may be that they were just keeping quiet or perhaps I move in particularly carnivorous circles while I’m there. However, I suspect the real reason is that Brazilian meat, and beef in particular, is too good to miss out on. It’s no wonder then that Brazil is full of restaurants that specialise in churrasco (pronounced, shoohassco).

A churrascaria often comes in the form of a rodizio (hodjeezeeio), which is basically an all-you-can-eat restaurant where the waiters wander round the tables offering you food. You can indicate that you want a break by turning a little card on your table with "no" written on it.

Brazilians have very high standards when it comes to meat, so most restaurants serve better meat dishes than you might find in other countries. I particularly recommend trying a cut of meat called picanha (peecanya) and a type of meat called carne do sol, which has been left in the sun for 24 hours before cooking. The phrase "melt in the mouth" springs to mind!

In Belo Horizonte, I visited a particularly good churrascaria called Adega do Sul, which offers a rodizio barbeque and a salad, hot dish, and dessert buffet. For about £4 ($8), you can eat as much as you like and the meat comes straight off the skewer and onto your plate. The restaurant is spacious and cool and is therefore more suitable for a group visit rather than a romantic dinner for two. The restaurant’s address is Avenida do Contorno 8835.

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