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Jardin de Mariposas (Buttery Garden)

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

This garden is in an out of the way region in the Arenal area. To get to it you have to pass a small town with dirt roads and small houses. Just before you get to the butterfly garden there is the Serpentaria where you can see many snakes and reptiles. The best time to go, it is said, is in the morning when the butterflies are more active. However, we went just as it was closing. We told the owner how we came a long way and this was our last day and we were given a personal tour of the garden. In fact, the garden was active with butterflies at this time and there were no other tourists to get in our way.

The garden boasts 40 species of tropical butterflies in about four enclosed botanical gardens. The guide let us hold Costa Rica’s famous butterfly in which on one side it looks like a brown owl with eyes to scare off predators and on the other side it is a beautiful greenish blue. Another rare feature was the nocturnal butterflies with transparent wings. The guide helps you understand the stages of a butterfly's life and you get to see a butterfly nursery. While walking outdoors the guide told us about Costa Rica native plants growing outdoors. We were also treated to the sight of a sloth in the trees. As we were leaving, the owner let us hold a snake and see a venomous spider which were being housed here for the Serpentaria next door. It is too bad the Serpenaria was closed, it would be nice to have a personalized visit there as well.

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