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Columbus, Ohio: August 14

Fountain at OSU, jim and jess Photo, Columbus, Ohio

The oval at OSU is a good place to visit. Even if you are not an OSU student, you can go in and sit on the grass of the oval relax, read and people watch. There is a lake in the middle of the campus with a fountain. There are also a couple of free museums that you can see on campus when they are open. The Wexner Center showcases visual arts exhibitions, music and dance concerts, performances, films, videos, and mixed-media projects. This alternative building has a lot of grids and straight lines. To get the look on the outside of the building, the functionality of the inside of the building was sacrificed. From what I was told, the acoustics is bad and the desks are too small.

We became hungry and headed to North Market on 59 Spruce Street. The North market has been a Columbus tradition since 1876. Here you can buy various types of fresh foods. You can find cheese, meats, produce, baked goods flowers, ethnic foods and other products. There are many places to eat. There is an Asian place which makes some great Asian sandwiches on fresh bread. Also, there is a place where you can try various types of fresh salsa before you purchase it. I brought several, I liked the peach salsa. Jeni’s Ice Cream is also in this location, the goat cheese ice cream with raspberries was my surprise favorite. Firdous Express was the only place which disappointed me with their grape leaves which were stale and dry inside. There are various festivals and events held throughout the year.

Jeni’s On 59 Spruce Street in the north market has to be my choice for the best Ice Cream in Ohio. Jeni's Ice cream is home made and uses ingredients, honey and fruits from Ohio's dairy and Ashland County. She makes some interesting flavors like sangria, red zinfandel wine, salty caramel, and goat cheese with raspberries. The last one was my surprise favorite. Easily for me it was the best ice cream in Ohio that I tried. The service here was excellent as well.

After eating, we headed to COSI. For some reason, there was an over-30-minute wait to get into the museum. The inside of the museum has some pretty good hands on exhibits. The Aquarius exhibit was one of my favorites. People can press various buttons and make water jump from one item to the next. Also, you can move various hoses to make water go into various pots. There is a section where you can float some balls in midair on a stream of water. Kids can attach various pipes and then let water flow through them. In other sections you can ride a bike on a tight wire or even make a hot air balloon fly. In August when I went, Cosi housed the Titanic exhibit. There were actual artifacts from the titanic and recreations of how various rooms would look onboard the Titanic. This is a worthwhile place for everyone to visit. We had a great time here; one day is not enough to see everything here.

American switched me to another airline since they canceled their flights. While waiting the captain offered free tickets to 3 people who would volunteer to get off since there would not be enough fuel since we waited for takeoff so long. That should have been my clue to get off but I waited since I had to work in the morning. 2 hours later, all Flights to Lga were canceled and I was stranded in Columbus. American offered a discounted rate on a hotel, which I stayed at. I had to wake up at 4am for the 5:50am flight.

August 15
I took the flight back and had to go into work straight after leaving the plane. I got into work 2 hours late, so it is a good thing I had someone to cover for me those 2 hours.

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