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La Rosa Nautica

La Rosa Nautica Photo, Lima, Peru

While walking in the Miraflores area I saw a Victorian styled restaurant at the end of a pier. I knew it was probably expensive so I did not go that day. After a city tour my final day, I decided to treat myself to the restaurant before my flight out. I was apprehensive about entering the restaurant since I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt but the cab driver said it would be okay. When I arrived at the restaurant around lunch time I was at ease since half of the people were dressed to the 9’s and the other half were dressed like I was. I was seated in a spot with an excellent view of the ocean. While eating I could see the surfers and watch the beach goers on the shore, all the while listening to the waves pounding underneath the restaurant.The restaurant was very elegant with white table cloths and napkins. There are green trees and plants all around the restaurant. I believe every seat in the restaurant has a good view of the ocean.The service in the restaurant was excellent. My water was always full and I was given fresh bread while I waited for my main course. You could see the waiters communicate with each other with their headphone walkie talkies to bring things right away. For my main course I ordered a cheese stuffed chicken dish. For a side dish I received vegetables and these fried mashed potatoes sticks that were excellent. Everything was presented nicely.My only mistake was ordering the dessert Rosa Náutica’s chocolate soufflé with Grand Marnier sauce that would take 20 minutes to make. I was told this beforehand and the wait was not too bad since I went to the second floor to take in the view for 10 minutes while I waited. The dessert was OK but not as good as the main course. I think a better choice may have been the chocolate with lemon and berry sauce.The Rosa Nautica is relatively expensive, for Peruvian standards at least, but the service, food and views were worth it. For those who want to know, it cost me $45 for the main dish, dessert and a glass of wine

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