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I encountered Patiti restaurant while walking along the Plaza de Armas after a long tour, hungry and looking for a good place to eat. The sound of music and of the people inside drew me in.

The décor of the restaurant is elegant. The back wall is mirrored and the side walls are a tasteful faux green marble. Of note is that some of the walls are actually part of an old Inca palace that once stood in the Plaza de Armas. The tables are covered in fine table clothes and have yellow cloth napkins and vases with cut flowers.

The service in the restaurant is great. After you sit down you are given a free Pisco sour and some bread to have while you wait. Your water is always kept full and the main course was served relatively fast.

The menu at Patiti is varied, they serve both Peruvian and international food such as pasta. I had wanted to try cuy or guinea pig the previous day. However, in the afternoon at a Chiceria I went to I saw what these cute mouse like creatures looked like. I could not bring myself to eat a family pet even though the price for the dish was half what other places charge at around $8. I was actually surprised by the menu prices. I was going to pass the restaurant by since I thought it would be too expensive. However, the main dishes cost about $12. The main dish I ended up choosing to eat was Carapulcra which is a spicy pork stew. The dish was excellent and tasty and beautifully presented on the plate.

All the while, a traditional Peruvian band played Peruvian music. At different times during the day, different Peruvian groups stop by to play their music and sell their CDs.

The bathroom was clean. However. you could hear noise from the sidewalk through the window which was distracting,

I am glad chance lead me to this restaurant and my frugality did not dissuade me from entering

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