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Tambomachay, or Tambo de la Caverna, is about 15 minutes away from Cusco by bus. It’s name comes from two words from the Quencha language. Tampu means lodging and Machay means caves.

The site itself has four terraces on a hill. The terraces are made from irregularly carved stones. What is amazing about the site is its water system. There are two aqueducts, which are carved into the rock and from which clean water flows throughout the year. Hundreds of years later, you can still see three fountains with clear water flowing out of them.

The water coming from these springs were worshipped as a source of life. There is a small stone puddle at the lowest level, believed to be a sacred spring. It is thought that this was where the Incas came to worship water. Imagine if there were no other people in the place and it was quiet, and all you could hear was the sound of water. It would be very spiritual.

There is a fortified tower in front of the building. This suggests that, in addition to a place of worship, it may have served as a defense system and communication place.

Many tours visit this site as well as four other sites which are located close to this site. The cost of the tours are about $10, and you can use your $20 tourist ticket to gain entry into this site.

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