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Winter at Wapaato Point

We stayed for 1 week at Wapato Point in the month of January. Our one-bedroom condo was very spacious, with huge sliding glass doors that opened right out to the lakefront. Flocks of Canadian geese were the only other inhabitants in sight! We basically had the place to ourselves. If you are looking to unwind in a comfortable lodge that is off the beaten path, this is it.

Just an hour away are two major ski areas, Mission Ridge and Steven's Pass. There's a small beginner and family ski area just 8 miles away called Echo Valley. All of these areas have websites, which is helpful. At Wapato Point, we enjoyed many wintertime amenities - an endless supply of logs for the wood-burning fireplace, cross-country skiing on the premises, snow golf (!) - and there is an outdoor ice-skating rink set up in the parking lot. You can rent skates and cross-country skis from the activity kiosk.

There are about seven wineries in the Lake Chelan Valley, and it's worth it to stop at each one to see what is unique there. At each one we stopped at, we were able to talk with either the owner or the winemaker, something that's not always possible during busy season. All in all, it was a very relaxing vacation!

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