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The Three Sisters at Night

The 3 Sisters? Photo, Katoomba, Australia

While most people visit the Three Sisters during the day, they are said to look brilliant at night, when they are floodlit, as well. Since our orientation did not, for some reason, include any visit at all to the Three Sisters (why not, when we were staying in Katoomba?!), my two friends and I decided to make the trek.Unfortunately, the only time we weren't tied up in orientation activities was 10pm on a bit of a misty night, after a few drinks at dinner. We were determined to see the Sisters though, because we knew that after leaving for Brisbane in a few days, we probably wouldn't be back. So we asked the orientation director for directions to the Sisters, and he pointed down Katoomba Road, the opposite direction from town, and told us to be careful. Then we were off.The road was not particularly well lit once we got past the police station, and it soon began curving in the opposite direction to the Sisters. We stopped into a hotel and asked for directions, and after being given CORRECT directions, we managed to wind our way over where the Sisters should have been.However, once we got out to the platform at Echo Point, we got a bit of a horrible surprise. The mist had been thickening all night, and it had by now turned into a thick fog, through which you could only see about 5 feet in front of you. Needless to say, we saw the Three Sisters really clearly—on the sign with a picture of them. The orange floodlight illuminated the fog quite well, I must say.We stayed for awhile, attempting to peer through the fog, but we finally gave up. We took the closest road that we were fairly certain led in the direction of Katoomba, and found that there really was a very simple way to get from town to Echo Point—walking directly down Echo Point Road, which turns into Lurline Street and is parallel to Katoomba Street.While we still had fun wandering through Katoomba at night, it was very sad that we didn't get to see the Sisters at all. If it's not foggy, I would definitely recommend making the trek (on Lurline Street, not Katoomba Street). As spectacular as the Sisters are during the day (as I found out when I managed to actually see them 10 months later), I'm sure they are amazing in a totally different sort of way at night. Just make sure fog hasn't set in for the night before you go!

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