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Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals

Busch Stadium Photo, St. Louis, Missouri

You can buy tickets to tour the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium at the International Bowling Museum. The tour takes you through the rather empty ballpark. It was my first ballpark tour. It seemed rather weird to be in a ballpark without the crowd. Imagine your favorite ballpark empty; well, for some, like my brother, that was not too hard (he likes the Diamondbacks), but for me, it was because I am used to seeing the Chicago Cubs play on television in the packed Wrigley Field. It was just our small group of 15 and a few workers watering the grass and making sure the stadium was ready for the next game.

It was cool to see the stadium because supposedly after the 2005 season, they are going to knock it down and finish the new stadium before the next season starts. You can already see the construction of part of the new stadium, which will eventually include the some of the area that contains the current stadium. Whether that will actually happen, we will have to see.

Our first stop on our tour was what is called the Batter’s Eye Box. You look out the large windows straight at home plate. These seats are considered the best, and their price reflects it. Here fans can sit in an air-conditioned room and enjoy the catered meal that is included with the seats.

On the tour, we also saw the press box. We got to sit in the same seats that the sports reporters sit in to watch the games. It was a very different view of the stadium.

The best part of the tour was when we got to go onto the field. We even got to sit in the dugout. The tour guide even let my brother pick up the phone to call the bullpen. We confirmed that the phone works. The workers in the bullpen were quite startled when the phone began ringing.

The last thing on the tour was the gift shop. My brother collects mini bats of the teams we have seen, and I collect baseballs from the ballparks. My brother got a really cool bat that commemorates the groundbreaking of the new stadium. I got an awesome gold Busch Stadium ball that had just arrived at the store.

After the tour, we spent an hour outside the stadium, walking around the statues of important Cardinals and their World Series monument.

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