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Golden Mickeys and Ride Vehicles

Lightpost Photo, Anaheim, California

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland there are 50 Golden 50th Mickeys hidden throughout the park. Some are rather obvious and easy to find, while some are more hidden and fit in well with the surroundings. Although, we were not truly looking all that hard during the weekend trip, we did find about 40 of them.

On Main Street you will find a good amount of the Golden Mickeys as each one on the lightposts count. I think that gives 12. There is also one on each side of the Train Station. Some of the other real obvious ones around the park are the one on the Mark Twain Riverboat, the one hanging above New Orleans Square, and the one on the Shooting Exposition Sign. A few of the more hidden ones are the one on the Observatron, the one around the Indian’s neck by the Shooting Exposition, and the one hanging in the net above the entrance to Indiana Jones. Although, I found some more than listed I will not list them as to allow others to still enjoy discovering the rest on there own like we did. If you really want to find them all while there, you can do a simple Internet search and find a list of the location of all 50. I did not find the list of all the locations until I came back because I wanted to see how many I could find on my own and with my family’s help.

Also, in celebration of the 50th all rides that have been at the park since 1955 have a special Golden vehicle added. Most rides with a Golden vehicle also have one outside the ride, so you can get a picture in it. The original rides that I can remember at this moment are Dumbo, Casey Jr. Train, Mad Tea Cups, Autopia, King Arthur’s Carousel, Jungle Cruise, Mark Twain (The whole thing got a Gold accent paint job), Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Peter Pan’s Flight.

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