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Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay Photo,

I awoke on Christmas morning to the beauty of Paradise Bay (officially Paradise Harbor). The water looked like a mirror reflecting the mountains and glaciers. Paradise Bay was the most naturally colorful place I saw in Antarctica. During my 2-hour Zodiac cruise, besides seeing black and white, I saw blue, green, and even orange. I told one person the colors I saw, and they automatically replied, “Of course, the sky and water were blue.” Well, that was true, but I also saw blue copper deposits. Green was the color of one iceberg and the moss growing on the rocks. Orange was the color of the lichen. I hear that there is also yellow lichen in the area, but I must have missed it when I was watching the glacier break off into the ocean.

At Paradise Bay we landed at an abandoned Argentine Base. Some climbed up the mountain to enjoy a better view of the bay and a slide back down. Instead of hiking up the mountain, I enjoyed the view from the shore while watching the Gentoo penguins carrying rocks to build their nests and sit on their eggs. I also took the chance to build my first thing out of snow in 5 years. I was going to build a snowman, but I then decided a snow penguin fit better in Antarctica.

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