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A Walk to the Light

The Rock Photo, Big Sur, California

The tour begins at the parking lot on the east side of the Point Sur Rock. The light is on the west side of the rock (naturally) and is 361 feet up. You walk up a very long driveway to get there. We had arranged for my dad to be driven up in the ranger's vehicle as an accommodation to his inability to walk up, but he was unable to make the transfer between vehicles.

As we walked clockwise up the south side of the rock, we began to see beautiful sea vistas accented by the ever-changing light from the undulating fog cover. Wild flowers, passing boats, and surrounding buildings that served the lighthouse community came into view. Finally, through the fog, we saw a distant image of the lighthouse on the rock's northwest point.

At the time we visited, we could walk into the lighthouse building, climb the internal spiral stairwell, and look out through the dome. We even got to walk around the catwalk around the light.

After leaving the light, we visited the Keeper's House, the Assistant Keeper's House, the barn, and other service buildings. It's a great place to visit.

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