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Camel Rides in the Desert

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

As we were heading back to the hotel, after a day of sand duning, we came across two guys and their camels. It was 10 Riyal (about $3) for a short walk atop a camel.

They were so pretty, just resting in the desert, and I was talked into taking a ride. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a camel, but when you get on one when it’s down on all fours, you have to HOLD ON to the saddle. When he gets up, his back legs go first, leaving you in an awkward position and at a 90° angle. This is the part when you need to hold on… or you’ll fall right off. They walk strange, with the left side, then the right… they shimmy from side to side, making a bumpy but fun ride. Of course when the ride is over, the camel will go down to all fours again, front first… so you’ll be at a strong angle until he puts his back legs down.

This was towards the end of the trip, before we left the desert for the paved roads. It was the tail end of the sunset and getting dark, but we had a few minutes to enjoy these beautiful animals. I was a little upset that these particular ones looked so skinny, but they were still beautiful.

Camels have a tendency to spit, so be careful and keep a pretty good distance. They move slow, but at one point, I turned around and there was his face right in front of mine. A little scary. I’m glad we finally saw some camels because I was instructed by a friend that I HAD to take some pictures of them because she loves them. So… here you go. Enjoy... I did.

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