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Carlos and Charlie's

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When on a cruise, you should always take the time to experience one meal at a restaurant while in port. While in Cozumel, I always send folks over to Carlos and Charlie’s. In business since November of 1979, Carlos and Charlie’s is the place to be. The Anderson group owns it, and they also own the restaurant chain Senior Frogs, which is also located in Cozumel. The restaurant is located on Av. Rafael Melgar No 551. Taxicabs from the pier will only set you back $5, and they will know the place. The place is easy to spot since there is usually a large crowd waiting to get in. Thankfully, when Guy and I arrived, our friends Tammy and Scott were already holding a table.

The place is loud, rowdy, and lots of fun. If you like quiet and refinement, then you will probably not take a liking to this place. But if you love fun, then come on in and join the party. There is a disco located on one side of the restaurant, so sometimes you can barely hear someone talking to you. They have a HUGE bar at the back. There are lovely cocktail waitresses serving shooters. This is not for the easily embarrassed. They pour the shooter into your mouth and razz you a bit. Our friend Guy who was with us was single and loved it. You may be sitting there and all of a sudden everyone gets up on their chair and does the chicken dance! If they do, join in. Thinking this might be for the under 35 crowd? Think again. I have had clients into their 80’s go and enjoy the fun. Only requirement here? Just a love of good food and fun. Again, everyone here speaks English. Credit cards and US dollars are accepted. They have a souvenir shop on the premises. Their shirts are just as coveted as those Hard Rock shirts (they also have a location here). You can also take home a great souvenir picture of your dining party. The picture is $25 but comes with a very large nice wood frame.

Their food is also incredible. To make their American customers happy, you can get such American goodies such as pasta, burgers, chicken, and ribs. But why? You can get that at home. Most everyone has had some taste of Mexican food, whether it was from a Mexican restaurant at home or Taco Bell. But the local flavors here are made to be savored. I got an enchilada plate. Out came three HUGE enchiladas with red sauce (you get your choice of red or green), beans, and rice. What a party for your taste buds. I still drool thinking about the food. It’s certainly not Taco Bell. And the portions… oh my. My food was served on a HUGE platter. I swear at least two people could have eaten off this plate. And the price is perfect. It was only about $7. They have an extensive bar list. If you happen to have any room left in your tummy, they have a mouthwatering dessert menu. They had a mango crepe dessert that looked heavenly. The table next to us had one, and it looked just divine. Also reminder the water here is safe, so if you prefer H2O as your refreshment, you are okay. You can make advanced reservations online at the group’s web site at or check out the unofficial web site at .

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