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ATV - Cabo

ATV - Cabo  Photo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We booked this trip through our concierge at the Westin and used Motosol tour company. The cost was $39 for a single and $59 for a double (obviously, it would have been cheaper if we booked a double). Motosol picked us up at our hotel and dropped us off—both included in the price.

I should have known how filthy I would end up by the fact that a dust cloud came out of the van-bench when I sat down. The ATV site was 5 minutes down the corridor, across the street from our hotel, which was very convenient. This was a 3-hour, 25-mile tour that was very exciting and a little scary for those that are less adventurous. Before the tour begins, the guide demonstrates how the vehicle works and supplies you with goggles, a helmet, and a scarf (to cover your face from all of the dust) We looked like a pair of bank robbers. We have never ridden ATVs before and found it relatively easy, very exciting, and fun. After receiving your vehicle and equipment, you are given about 15-20 minutes to practice riding in a separate area, just to get a feel for what it’s like before your drive behind someone else. The ATVs are manual, and the gears shift after lifting the pedal—that took some getting used to.

We started the tour with our own vehicles, and midway through, I decided to ride double with Frank. I think it was even more fun that way. He went faster than I would have ever, and we were together for the bumps, hard turns, laughs, and the views. The tour guide made sure the group was always together and stopped occasionally for breaks, pictures, water (which they supplied), etc. The breaks were brief, though—just enough to catch our breath. We took the waterfall tour and were amused when we actually arrived at what was said to be the waterfall. I am convinced that someone was standing with a hose at the top of this hill. The water was dripping down (and from what the tour guy said, it had nothing to do with the fact that it was the dry season). It did not take away from the tour at all, though.

The "journey" included beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez and panoramic views of the canyons and desert. We traversed mountains and narrow canyons, all along well-marked trails. Towards the end of the tour, we went to a private beach/sand dunes area, and that part of the ride was fantastic. In this completely open area, we were allowed to roam free and do our thing for about 30 minutes. At 35-40 miles per hour, you felt like you were flying over those dunes. We saw several different butterfly species, wild turkeys, and a ton of vultures. There was dust everywhere, though, so you leave disgustingly dirty. There are also tons of plants and sticks everywhere, so if you are fooling around or are not dressed properly, it is easy to get hurt. Wear pants—that is a must—and a long-sleeved shirt and sneakers wouldn’t hurt either!! It’s definitely an experience we will never forget. Highly Recommended.

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