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One Love . . .

Trinidad is beautiful. This statement is packed with meaning, so I'll try to explain myself as best as I can. It is a country that has such a mix of culture and ethnicity that no doubt, in 30 to 40 years, our society in North America will begin the resemble its ethnic mix. Within the beauty there are flaws--(isn't everything beautiful flawed?) the government and the gap between the rich and poor causes overall turmoil. It wasn't until I lived there that I realized the importance of a good government, and everything that I had read in papers about social welfare came to life.

The culture beckons those who are willing to see each other as equals. The culture, in my opinion, is quite dominated by religion and certainly Carnival is not a proponent of that!

In the end, you must read the newspapers, understand the history (very rich), and deal with and meet the local people. I wasn't a big fan of places like TGIF and ex-pat places since they weren’t places that captured the essence of Trinidad's citizens. Can you believe that there isn't a McDonald’s in the country? Hmmm . . . why? Do your research!

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