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Leisurely Walk at Embassy Row

We took the metro to DuPont Circle and then headed northwest on Massachusetts Avenue, where the famous Embassy Row was. A parade of grand embassy mansions lined the shaded Massachusetts Avenue and its side streets. Many old buildings were also turned into residential apartments. This area was quaint and definitely a far cry from the Mall, which was packed with tourists.

The monuments and museums in D.C. are worth seeing, but if you are tired of the commotion, take a refuge at DuPont Circle.

We made a quick stop at Hotel Helix, a retro-looking boutique hotel that reminded me of the movie "Austin Powers." The tiny reception area was decorated with light panels in glittering colors and eye-popping art pieces. The lounge was full of whimsical ‘70s furniture – fur/plastic-covered ottomans, velvet sofas in striking color… The staff was friendly and did not mind that we looked around.

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