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You must see Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive View 1 Photo, Massanutten, Virginia

Massanutten was a surprise! I went with my boyfriend and his 13-year-old son for the long Thanksgiving weekend. I was not expecting a lot from the experience, so I was completely surprised by all that the area had to offer. I am normally a beach person, so the beauty of the mountains was startling. The people and staff were friendly–although we didn’t see much of them. The units are spread out, so you can get the feeling that you are in a remote area.

In the fall there are limited activities. It is too early to ski and a bit cold for hiking (not to mention that it was hunting season), but we still enjoyed it. The units were nice and spacious, with a gas fireplace that added a lot of charm.

If you go out to this area, you must go to Skyline Drive. It has some of the most fantastic scenery I have ever seen-from 3,500 feet up. On a clear day, you can see the entire surrounding area.

This is a neat area to explore and wonderful if you like natural beauty. It is not a place for nightlife or fine dining, but a beautiful retreat.

We hope to go back in the future.

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