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Avoid at ALL COSTS...

...the "castle-like bed and breakfast" at Chemin de la Canardiere & Henry Bourassa, run by Monsieur Gilles. My girlfriend (Rachel), her sister (Laura), her sister's boyfriend (Mike), and I booked two rooms at this B&B through the website (property Qc-Qc-6) for three nights, New Years 2002 and 2003. ( I can't give a more specific name because the website doesn't provide one.

Regardless, here's our story. We got there the day of our reservation, after having confirmed our reservation a week earlier with, and the inn informs us not only that he has positively no record of the reservation, but that he has only one room left, and it is not either of the two rooms we reserved. At this point, it isn't quite a crisis because Monsieur Gilles very kindly leaped into his car and went rocketing down the road to another B&B nearby, owned and operated by friends of his, where Mike and Laura got a room. Rachel and I took the room at the original B&B. No big deal.

Laura and Mike left a day earlier than Rachel and I, and paid their room at their inn before leaving. So imagine mine and Rachel's surprise when we went to check out and Monsieur Gilles informed us that the charge for Mike and Laura's the OTHER BED AND BREAKFAST...was on our bill, and that he would, "see to it," that the other innkeepers got the money. First of all, he was trying to charge us HIS room rate ($110/night) for the room at the other B&B (which was only $80/night). We told him that they had already paid their room at their inn, and, finally, he dropped that charge. Then we noticed that he charged us not for the small room we ACTUALLY stayed in ($95/night), but for the larger room with an en-suite living room that we were SUPPOSED to have from our reservation ($125/night). After arguing with him about this for another 5 or 10 which point he has now become infuriated at the fact that we weren't easily riped off...we finally get the right charges, and go to put it on the Visa.

Now, said that this inn accepted Visa. Monsieur Gilles informed us that, in fact, he only accepted Mastercard. So now we have a bigger problem - we don't have Mastercards, we have Visas. And, being a Sunday, of course banks are closed. He then told us to go ahead and write him a check from our AMERICAN bank accounts with the price in Canadian dollars and write "CAD$" on the check, which we did just to get out of there, since, at this point, it was half-an-hour since we had tried to check out.

We got home and checked with, and they were mortified. They not only sent us copies of the confirmation sheet they got back FROM HIM about our reservation, but they sent us a copy of his agreement with stating that he accepts Visa. They advised us to immediately stop payment on the check (which we had planned anyway), and we ended up paying THEM directly, and they disbursed it to Monsieur Gilles - minus their booking fee, which was supposed to be deducted from the total bill and wasn't, and also very graciously covered the $15 to stop payment on the check.

The moral of the story: is a great website to work with if you're trying to find a bed and breakfast in Canada, but avoid Qc-Qc-6 and Monsieur Gilles like the plague.

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