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A visit to the Crocodile Farm

Our first stop is at the Crocodile Farm and Nature Reserve. For a very minimal fee of 10 pesos per head at the entrance, we saw and appreciated the facility's effort in preserving Palawan’s crocodiles.

A 5-minute video presentation at the lecture room gave us a background on how crocodiles are born, nurtured, and kept at the farm. We were amazed by how long a crocodile can grow during its life span and actually saw a skeleton of a crocodile, which was about 17 feet long.

The crocodile nursery area houses newly hatched crocodiles until they are strong enough to be with the older ones in open-air cages. Pictures can be taken while holding baby crocodiles for a small fee. It was really weird to hold a baby crocodile, especially when it wriggles. The scales feel like broken egg shells laid side by side and the mouth is held tight by several rubber bands to prevent it from biting anyone who holds it.

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