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Sunday morning at Half Moon Bay State Beach

At the suggestion of a friend, we drove to Half Moon Bay last Sunday. Located just a few miles from San Mateo County, Half Moon Bay State Beach was an amazing sight. The lovely waves that form in the water are a surfer's paradise. The grounds are designed in such a way that both daytime visitors and overnight campers can enjoy the stunning view of the beach. A lot of families have picnics and barbecues. Barbecue grills are provided near the wooden tables and benches that are scattered along the site. It was nice to walk in the sand along the beach and take pictures, but swimming in the water might be too cold for anyone. The sea breeze that blows into one's face is gentle and calming. The Sunday morning I spent there will be etched on my mind forever, and I'm sure to come back whenever I need a welcome respite.

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