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Going crazy for Belgian chocolate

Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates. In Brussels, there are chocolate shops on just about every corner. Big names such as Godiva, Pierre Marcolini, Leonidas, and New Haus shops and smaller family-owned chocolate shops are side by side in the Grand Place area and on almost every street corner in Belgium. I was amazed by the wide array of chocolates—truffles, pralines, dark, white, milk, and other flavored chocolate concoctions only found in Belgium.

Buying just a dozen of chocolates is not enough—you just have to taste everything. I particularly like the dark chocolates made of bittersweet cocoa. There are varieties that are laced with liquor and champagne and some with caramels, syrups, and dried fruit fillings. Chocolate lovers just can't get enough of Belgian chocolates, and I for one went into a shopping craze when I went inside a chocolate shop. The aroma that wafted through the store is simply divine and makes anyone chocolate-crazy more addicted to these little pieces of heaven.

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