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Champagne Sports Resort

A panoramic view of the snow capped Drakensberg. Photo, Drakensberg, South Africa

We have a married daughter with two small children that had been living in Kuwait for about two years, when they came to visit us in South Africa. Our son-in-law (Nelius) is a golf fanatic, but in Kuwait you can only play golf in the desert, since they have no lawned golf courses. In anticipation of their visit, and with Nelius’ golf-hunger in mind, we booked a 246/2 chalet for the period 5 to 9 August 2002 at Champagne Sports Resort.

Although we had driven past the Champagne Sports Resort during previous visits to the Drakensberg, we were pleasantly surprised when we actually arrived there. The receptionists were very professional, and when we arrived at our chalet, we couldn’t believe the fascinating view from our veranda. The Drakensberg was snow capped for as far as the eye could see (and our view was very wide, as can be seen on the panoramic photo attached to this report). The chalet was clean and neat, with two very nice bathrooms. After unpacking, we toured the resort with its well kept lawns, and the kids enjoyed running up-and down the little hills between the chalets. One evening they chased up a rabbit, and this caused a real stir.

The first morning (and every day thereafter) Nelius and I played a round of golf on the beautifully designed and prepared golf course at Champagne Sports Resort. After day one Nelius’ new golf shoes had schafed his heels to such an extent that he decided to rent a golf cart. I didn’t protest at all, since the course has some pretty steep sections, especially around holes four to six.

In the afternoons we would drive to do sight seeing e.g. curio shops, carpet weaving, etc. (that is, when Nelius didn’t insist on playing an additional nine holes). The highlight of the holiday was however on the Thursday afternoon when my wife and I went for a flip in the Allouette II helicopter stationed at the Champagne Sports Resort. The Drakensberg still had its snow cap, and as we approached the peak, glider pilots doing slope soaring, advised our helicopter pilot that there was no wind over the top of the mountain, and that it was safe to land there. After landing, we disembarked, and although it was chilly, it was a magnificent sight. On the second photo my wife and I are standing next to the helicopter on top of the mountain.

We were all sorry to leave on the Friday, because this had been an unforgettable experience – Nelius could play golf on the Champagne Sports Resort golf course everyday, and my wife and I had the helicopter flip of our lives. Our daughter and the kids enjoyed the amenities at the Champagne Sports Resort and our sightseeing trips immensely. The weather was perfect with just a little bit of cloud over the Drakensberg on one or two occasions. Anyone wishing to enjoy a dream holiday, should seriously consider the Champagne Sports Resort – just remember to book early, because many people have already discovered this paradise in the Drakensberg.

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