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The library offers a free 15-minute daily Internet use to check your email on one computer near the front desk. Help is very available if needed. A 3-month library card can be purchased for $8. With a library card you can use an Internet computer on the second floor for an hour daily for free. There are about a dozen of these computers with an employee to help.

Broadway at the Beach has several nightclubs catering to the young adults. Studebakers is a dance place that caters to different age groups on different nights. The music is by a DJ. On a Saturday night, there were lots of singles and the age range was huge. Studebakers is located one block from the beach, Breakers on Kings Highway, and Highway 17 in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Club 2001 is in North Myrtle Beach and caters to those not considered "young adults" anymore. It has different rooms with different kinds of music by live bands and you can go from room to room. Club 2001 is only open at the end of the week.

Little River, which is about 30 miles north of Myrtle Beach, is the location of the gambling boats. The boats have to sail 3 miles out into international waters for gambling, as it is not legal in the state. Take a ride south of Myrtle Beach on Highway 17, going past the state park, which is along the coast and includes beach access. In this same general area is Brookgreen Garden. Going south past the park exit are the little towns mentioned earlier that make up the Grand Strand.

Many of the carnival-type things, like the rollercoaster, are open for the season in late March or April. But they also have many elaborate miniature golf courses, water parks, a NASCAR speed park, aquarium, pavilion amusement park, and more.

One of the local cable TV channels is on 24/7 with live interviews and visits to establishments in the area. You can sometimes get an idea of what you want to visit by watching that channel.

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