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Melaka: getting there from Lumut

To save us from having to stop over in KL again, we took a bus that went from Lumut to Melaka. The 9am bus run by the SE Ekspres company cost RM26 each and took 9 long hours. Luckily it was a plush sleeper bus, so large reclining seats and plenty of food stops. Unfortunately it did crawl through the highways into KL, sit in Pudaraya bus terminus before crawling back out again, adding another 1½ hours onto an already long journey.

The bus eventually pulled into Melaka (express) bus station which is to the north of Melaka city. The footbridge over the muddy and rather polluted waters of the Sungai Melaka River takes you south and within a 10 minute walk you are in the centre of town. Some of the roads are quite narrow and windy, but we found the traffic horrendous, made worse by shops that encroached onto the pavement area, meaning that one had to walk on the road or the sometimes covered storm drains. Central Melaka seemed of a compact size and easy enough to walk to find your way around.

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