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Pulau Pangkor - Pangkor Town

Pangkor town1 Photo, Malaysia, Asia

One could hire motorbikes/scooters or peddle bikes to get around the island, but bearing in mind that the coast road is quite hilly in places, we decided to take one of the luminous pink minibus taxis that queue up along the road by the beach.

Pangkor town is the main town on the island, where there are shops, banks, internet cafes, hotels and plenty of garages to fix your motorbike. There’s a small travel agent that will sell onward bus tickets from Lumut at RM5 cheaper than our hotel was charging. Since this is mainly a fishing town, there were numerous shops selling dried fish of all shapes and sizes. The small ones (ikan bilis) are particularly more-ish when piled on top of nasi campur (lunchtime buffet of rice and a selection of curries and vegetables) which can be found in the many eateries in the town. Pangkor town is a pleasant place to wander around and we found a noodle shop where they were making huge skeins of noodles and drying them in the sun.

We wandered over to the Hindu temple which was along the main road towards the other town, Sungai Pinang Kecil (known as SPK). There was no footpath along some stretches of road and one had to be particularly careful with the zooming motorbikes, although the roaming goats don’t seem phased by them. There is a small Shiva shrine en route to the Hindu temple, but the temple itself was small and looked out over the sea and back towards the mainland. Unfortunately a heavy rainstorm stopped us from venturing over to the Chinese temple in Pangkor town.

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