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Fenway, my way

Preparing for the Game Photo, Boston, Massachusetts

Fenway holds a special place in the hearts of many. If you’ve never been before, I think it’s important to get there early in order to soak up as much of the atmosphere as you possibly can.

Start by arriving to the ballpark two hours early when the gates first open. Trust me, you'll want to watch batting practice to see the players up close. Batting practice for the Sox is a treat in and of itself…notice how scruffy the teams looks. No one is wearing the same thing. Some are wearing the blue and red baseball hats, some are wearing game hats, and still others are wearing no hats. Lately, some plays have been sporting interesting hairdos…all starting with Johnny Damon’s unconventional beard and shoulder-length hair. Some believe that the individuality of the team members is what ultimately bonds them together.

Anyway, I suggest entering the park from gates on Yawkey Way so you are assured the best possible view of the field when you walk from the concourse up the ramp, especially if you are seeing it in-person for the first time. Now, you’re undoubtedly doing to be distracted by the concessions, but go up and see the field before you do anything. Prepare your eyes for a thing of beauty they have never seen. Take in the sights, the smells, the feeling of being there. Thirty minutes will go by without notice. It’s usually at this point when I grab a beer and find an empty seat out near the Pesky Pole, in foul territory. Out there, I still have a great view of the field as well as the rest of the park…and if it’s a day game, there’s nothing like soaking up some rays while relaxing with a Bud Light. It’s time for a Fenway Frank once one beer is down the hatch. About 20 minutes before game time, I get a Fenway Frank, and one more Bud Light, and make my way to my seats. I don’t have more than two beers because I’m there to watch the game; I don’t want to be getting up and down a million times to go to the bathroom and risk missing the action.

If you’re good luck, the Sox will pull out a win…and let’s face it, who is never in the mood to hear "Dirty Water?" And if you haven’t had enough up close action with the players, make your way to the player’s gate after the game. The players will drive right out of the park…and you can catch a glimpse of them as they are getting into their assorted Hummers, Escalades, and Mercedes.

So, my basic advice is: go early, stay late, and savor everything.

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