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Cameroon - Africa in miniature

Cameroon has been called 'Africa in miniature'. It has great cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity. If you want wild animals, sunny beaches, mountains, extraordinary landscapes, forest walks, welcoming people, you'll find it all in Cameroon!

Cameroon is on the west coast of Africa and has a population of over 14 million.. More than 240 languages are spoken there. It is one of the wealthiest African countries. It has oil resources and favourable agricultural conditions. But, like other less developed countries it faces serious problems. Over 80% of the population work on the land and the country produces many agricultural products for export. The principal commercial crops are cocoa, coffee, tobacco, cotton and bananas. There is a large aluminum refinery which produces 16% of all the aluminum in Africa. This refinery consumes 70% of all the electricity produced in the country!

Cameroon has had a checkered colonial history. In 1884 the area around Douala was a German protectorate. After World War 1 the country was divided between Britain and France. The French part received self-government in 1958. British Southern Cameroon became part of the Republic of Cameroon in 1961, whilst British Northern Cameroon joined Nigeria.

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