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Good old MJ

If there's one piece of advice I'd give to any departing traveler, it would be a) to take an amazing group of people with you and b) to take a fun, if tacky, stash of music (preferably tapes) to keep you going. My group had the odd collection of Sean Paul, a lot of Michael Jackson, The Calling and a lot more Michael Jackson. Now, without condoning in any way the man's filthy sexual perversions, I have to say that he makes one hell of a travelling companion. Nothing beats (if you'll excuse the forthcoming pun) sitting in a speedy truck singing 'Beat It' at the top of your voice. 'Thriller' is another great sing-along, and everyone loves making the scary faces. Sean Paul also comes in handy when everyone is just the tiniest bit tipsy and more than a little willing to 'shake' their thing. And The Calling, aw bless, if anything helped blossoming romances in the jungle, it was the sound of 'Wherever You Will Go' emerging tinny and frail from the sound of R's dictaphone as she dozed in her hammock. So as you prepare to depart, don't forget Sean Paul for the drunken moments, The Calling to kick-start potential romances, but for sheer enjoyment and to really ensure every moment is the best, don't forget your old tapes of good old MJ!

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