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Jekyll Island 4-H Center

Jekyll 4-H Center Photo, Jekyll Island, Georgia

I went to Jekyll Island with my fifth-grade class for a two-night field trip. We stayed in dorm-like rooms with six kids and one adult chaperone. We slept on bunkbeds. The lodging was definitely not luxurious, but it was comfortable.

The Program: In the mornings we got up and went to breakfast. Then we went to a place called Canteen, where you could buy things like candy or t-shirts. All the proceeds from things you buy at Canteen go to the maintenance of the 4-H Center. Then we were separated into groups for small classes. Then we got to do hands-on learning at places like Boneyard Beach. It is called Boneyard Beach because erosion has knocked down so many trees that the trees look like bones scattered across the sand. There were tidal pools and a marsh. We got to learn about crabs and other marine life.

We also learned that erosion is only happening to the north tip of Jekyll Island. The sand that has eroded away from the north tip has moved to the south tip, so the island itself sorta moves in the ocean.

While I went with my school, you can visit the 4-H Center if you call them. They have public summer camps for kids. I would HIGHLY suggest visiting here. My mom says there are also hotels on Jekyll if you want to just go and see the beach.

Contact Information:
Jekyll Island 4-H Center
201 S Beachview Drive
Jekyll Island, GA
(912) 635 4115

They also have a website at, which is run partly by the University of Georgia.

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