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Bunratty Medieval Castle Banquet

At the entrance we were welcomed by a man wearing the typical Irish costume and playing the bagpipes - we clicked snaps with him and the music drifted in the wind giving us a feeling of belonging to that era. The women looked very pretty with hair gelled back and very light makeup and they wore bright coloured robes made of satin with golden work on them and the men wore stockings and kilts.

Bunratty Banquet was the most unforgettable dinner which I ever had in my lifetime. The Bunratty entertainers were all dressed in ancient Irish costumes (robes and cloaks). We waited in the entrance for some time and when we entered we had to climb some steps which were steep so we had to move slowly and then we reached the first floor where the ticket were collected and entered to a hall where some wooden benches were arranged so when we settled down welcome drink called the mead was served to us by the beautiful women. Mead was made by mixing red wine and honey, was very sweet but tasty, and was given to the newlyweds during the ancient times and so the word honeymoon was formed.

A lady in blue velvet gown entertained us by playing a harp and a man played the pipe. Then all the women sang songs and danced it was really good but we were not allowed to click snaps since the flash would distract the entertainers. After the entertainment we had to climb some more steps to reach the dining hall. The dining hall was very big and could fit around 100 people for dinner. Our table was at the last and we were sharing with an American family. The table was set with candles and three jugs containing water, red wine and white wine and each lady was in charge of each table so our host for the night was Maria, a very sweet lady. She helped me with special vegetarian food since I was the only vegetarian in the hall. The dinner went on for 2 hrs followed with music and dance in between and then ended with exotic desserts. Overall our experience at the Bunratty Medieval Castle Banquet was unforgettable and a wonderful experience.

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