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2nd and 3rd day

Princess Cays, Bahamas Photo, Western Caribbean, Caribbean

2nd day: Princess Cays, Bahamas.

Instead of making Princess Cays the last stop, it is our first port-of-call. After a nice breakfast, I decided to take the tender on my own, as Justin was still asleep. The weather didn’t seem promising (cloudy) but the sun peeked out quite a few times. As I was amongst the first ones to go ashore, I quickly found a chair by a palm tree on the quieter side of the Cay and started to read. The weather was warm but not hot, in between dips in the water, a good book and a drink, I hardly noticed time go by. The barbecue was good (but you know, the sea breeze will make you hungry). Finally, some people decided to have a game of beach volleyball. Just what I was waiting for. The weather, however, didn’t seem to want to cooperate. All of a sudden, we had a tropical shower falling on us. It was funny to see everybody running to get shelter while we carried on playing. It was a nice sensation as it was a warm rain. It was exhilarating! There was so much rain and it was falling so hard at one point, it began to hurt. But those tropical storms don’t last long. In 20 minutes, it was all over. We were just finished playing and Justin joined me and we found another group playing beach volleyball. But shortly, it was time to leave the island. We were the last to leave. As we were about to get into the tender, a table sets with "fruits arts" (animals made with different kind of fruits) caught my eyes and one of the guys told me to pick one I liked. So, I got a birds with a body made of cantaloupe, a neck of pineapple, a beak made of carrot, wings made of pepper bell…It was so cute! Unfortunately, perishable. We had to throw it away after 2 days.

That night, after dinner, we went to the casino but unfortunately, we both lost what we won on our previous cruise, and then some. Rats!

3rd day: At sea

I just love sea days…I was able to read some more about our destinations (my first stop was the library), read a good sci-fi book while soaking up the sun by the Neptune pool. Usually, the morning passes by so quickly, it’s hard to figure out how come. Around 11, we got really close to Cuba. So close you could see towns along the sea. It was so strange to think that this island is forbidden land for a lot of passengers. I couldn’t help but mumble "Hasta siempre" and "Guantanamera" as I was watching the coast go by. I spent the afternoon playing monopoly with Justin (and getting beat real bad by this greedy shark) in the cards room. It was also formal night so, I put on my gown and went to dinner. Which was delicious as usual. Justin was relieved to see he was not the only one without a tuxedo. He doesn’t have one, didn’t want to rent one (he hates to dress up) but still brought his fancy suit to please me. As soon as dinner was over, he rushed to put a polo shirt on while I remained in my ball gown.

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