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How to get in and out with a bus

Even though it is such a small village, there is a bus service that will take the traveller to San Salvo and/or Vasto and back. It also stops at the San Salvo-Vasto station (and from there, you can take the train that rides all along the Adriatic Coast), change trains in Pescara if you need to go to Rome. The bus comes early in the morning (around 6:30) and its service is aimed to transport people who are working in the cities. You can catch it on Largo del Popolo. It makes a circle through Torrebruna and Celenza sul Trigno before going to San Salvo, Vasto Marina and Vasto. Two buses will take you back in the afternoon (around 1:30 and around 4:30). Attention, there are no stop signs for the bus, you'll have to remember where you stepped off. And if someone can give you a lift to the intersection with the main highway, you can catch one of the numerous buses that go to Rome or other destinations. You pay your ticket as you board the bus.

If you miss the last bus to town, a taxi can take you (but it's going to cost!).

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