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Days 2 and 3: At Sea

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The days at sea are REALLY relaxing. And there is so much to do, you hardly have the time to get bored. Everyday, the Princess Patter (the ship’s newsletter delivered in your room the day before) keeps you updated on: the events organized on the ship, the ship’s maneuvers, the staff, some technology information about how the ship works…

First thing’s first: breakfast. You can either go in the main dining room or at the Horizon court for a buffet-style breakfast. Then, it’s off to the pool. You’re not supposed to hog a lounger (if a lounger is unattended for more than 30 minutes, the staff can free it but I’ve never seen anyone doing it).

In the middle of the morning, it’s quite difficult to find a place around the Poseidon Pool. You have been warned. Hopefully, people come and go…

I tried the gym also; it is small but has the essential to keep you in shape. I shamefully have to admit that I gave up on the gym; the appeal of the pool and sun was too strong. Another advice, although it seems obvious: don’t forget the sunscreen and choose a high level SPF. Being from Mediterranean origins, I never needed any sunscreen that was over SFP 4. After spending an hour in the sun with an SFP 4, I was burnt. Yes, that tropical sun is harsh!

In the early afternoon, a band will come to entertain you with island beats music (for my cruise, it was Deep Blue from Trinidad and Tobago). The cruise director also organizes poolside games… Yes, I’ll admit it, I took part in one of them. My only reward was a medal (I thought they’d give us some shipboard credits. Cheap!). But there are lots of things to do during those days at sea: catching up on that book you wanted to finish, go see an after-lunch movie, take part to a trivia game, attend an "How to make your complexion brighter" lecture, play a game of Monopoly, be pampered at the spa or just bake in the sun.

You will barely realize it’s almost time for dinner. This means more activities! A country-dance lesson? Ballroom dancing? Magic? Casino? Shows? Movies? It’s your pick! The first complete day at sea was "formal night" which Justin doesn’t like much. I, on the opposite, couldn’t wait to put on one of my gowns. Unfortunately, with my burnt shoulder, I had to cover up a little with a shawl…

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