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Miami Beach

Just a short drive from Miami lies the city of Miami Beach. In the 1920s, Florida experienced a real estate boom and the prized style of this era was Art Deco. And this architectural style has been used a lot through the city, giving it a sunny, elegant, relaxed and yet exclusive vibe.

Of course, there's South Beach, with hot bodies everywhere and a swimming-pool-blue ocean.

In Miami Beach, the pace quickens as soon as the sun goes down, and the epicenter of this activity is Ocean Drive, the avenue running along the beach. This street is lined with bars, restaurants and more-or-less exclusive nightclubs. If you can find a seat on a terrace (good luck with that), order a drink and watch, you won’t be disappointed. Everything that’s chic, extravagant or hip will walk in front of your eyes. I saw things I thought I would never see outside of a fashion show! If you want to get into a club, beware, looks are very important here, bring your hippest piece of clothing.

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