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Sunday in Rome

Sunday is one lazy and relaxing day in Rome. Even the traffic seems to calm down.
Even though it's not what it once has, Italians and Romans in particular remains pretty religious and, to my surprise, my neighbourhood church had two services on Sunday morning and it was PACKED. Funny detail, the first stop on the way back home from the mass for a lot of parishioners was... the next-door bar for a little "aperitivo"! I also indulged and loved to the bar when it gets lively with older gentlemen having a sambuca or a martini rosso (the real drink, not the cocktails), kids on their Sunday best enjoying a soda or a hot chocolate...

Then, everybody's off for lunch, usually a family affair on Sunday and everybody gathers at the grandparents to have a four-course home-cooked meal (antipasto, mostly cold cuts and cheese, pasta, main course and dessert).

In the afternoon, if it's football season, most of the family will be glued to the TV to watch a football game (I would hear my neighbours scream about the feats of AS Roma or Lazio di Roma, the two Roman teams).

In the evening, a "before dinner" passegiata is often recommended. The passegiata (simply taking a walk) is a big social affair. In my street, you would find lots of people on their porch or in front of their houses, people stop and chat, enquire about each other and each other’s families... Maybe a stop for a little limoncello at the next-door bar before going back for a small dinner... Or maybe enjoy Rome at dusk, as the sun goes down and bathes Rome in an orange light...

Now that's enjoying your Sunday!

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