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Vancouver-BC-Canada Photo, Vancouver, British Columbia

Aaaah . . . Canada! Where the spaces are even bigger than the U.S., where the streets are clean and health care decent enough for a Western country. But, I am getting lost. British Columbia is the reason why I fell in love with Canada. The goal of our trip was to reach the Yukon but we underestimated the size of British Columbia! Nevertheless, we had one of the best road trips of our life!

From the vibrant metropolis of Vancouver to the pioneering feeling of Saint-George, to the solitude of the little communities along the Alaska highway . . . British Columbia is a destination for nature lover, from the coastal communities to the Canadian Rockies and the gateway to the Great North. It really is an enchantment. If you leave the area of Vancouver-Victoria, don't forget your hiking boots and get your eyes open, you'll never know when a bear may pop out.

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