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Curiosity Shoppe Photo, Galveston, Texas

The Curiosity Shoppe (fine papers and gifts) is a nice little store that sells things my wife and daughters love to buy. The Curiosity Shoppe has a large collection of items for the house, the office, and gag-type gifts for friends. I particularly liked the variety of THINGS this shop offers, and it goes on my recommendation list for places to shop on the Strand. Again, watch your pocket book, because if you have daughters like I do, you might need to stop by the bank first. Wow, can they shop!

Gracie’s is another little store my family enjoys shopping in. I really didn’t see the difference between Gracie’s and the Curiosity Shoppe, but my girls did. This is part of my learning the fine art of shopping and being closer to my girls, as I did give in and shopped. Shopping is what we do. I pay, they shop! I recommend this place also for you people who like the little things.

Tola is a store with a Caribbean feel to it; I guess the Caribbean music they play as you shop helps to put you in the mood. You can find your Caribbean attire, baskets, and other items for the beach in this store. I particular liked the laid-back atmosphere in this little market on the Strand. Maybe next time I can fit into those shorts I liked so much.

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