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My first week's gone, and it’s time to do some journals.

I left Cork, Ireland, on a cold, rainy Saturday morning. I had the pleasure of flying to London with two of the other Global Guides, Tracey and Renata. They provided great emotional support; it was great not being alone on the beginning of this great trip. Tracey went to Canada and Renata went to Australia. Renata and Tracey got on their respective planes at Heathrow and I was on my own. I flew London to Chicago on a 747-700. It was my fist time on a plane of this size, and I was really surprised about the size of this plane. I had a pleasant flight and arrived in Chicago at 4pm local time. There was a long line for Immigration. After an hour of waiting I was checked and it was smooth. Left fingerprint, right fingerprint, picture taken, check the passport, a few questions, customs check, and Welcome to America! It was beautiful, sunny weather. We all know how big America is, but I was shocked when I found out that I would have to take an internal train to catch my connection. I flew from Chicago to Indianapolis. It was already dark and Chicago was beautiful from the plane. After my 22-hour trip, I arrived in Indianapolis! One of the Site Sponsors picked me up and drove me to my new home for the next 6 weeks. On the way from the airport to the accommodation, I was amazed about the size and shape of the vehicles. My new home is not far from the office I’m sharing with another Global Guide from Australia. Needless to say, the apartment is huge. It is a huge space with a huge TV and huge fridge; this is America.

The next day I went to downtown Indianapolis. It was a beautiful day, with sunshine, which we don’t get too often in Ireland. It was the best day to be in the city, as the local heroes, The Indianapolis Colts, had won their home game, so the whole city was filled with happy Colts fans. I made some friends and learnt a lot about American Football. I also went to Indiana War Memorial Plaza, which was surrounded by beautiful parks. The museum pays homage to the men who were killed during US wars. This is a military museum with flags and weapons, but you also can find a Jeep, a Humvee, and a helicopter.

During my busy first week in the RCI Indy office, I didn’t have much time to be a tourist. However, on Tuesday, the colleagues from Learning and Development Department took me out to eat. The name of the restaurant is Rock Bottom. We had an awesome time. The food was great, but most importantly, we paid a bit less than $200, including the tip, for seven people. Just to give you an idea, before I left Cork, two of us went out for dinner and I paid $80. Generally, you pay $4 to $5 for a combo meal in a fast-food restaurant, which you can find on every corner.

In the area I live, you can find a place called Broad Ripple Village. This part of Indy is full of bars, pubs, and cool shops, and it’s got a unique atmosphere. Now it’s Friday, so I’m looking forward to the weekend - I’ll have a lot to do!

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