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Real street 'fiesta' in San Miguel de Allende

The San Miguellada in San Miguel de Allende is a special event that happens only once a year, on the 3rd Saturday of September. Around the hours of midday, they let the bulls run on the street of this beautiful colonial town, and the whole center turns into a huge fiesta. Unfortunately, we arrived late to see the bulls running, and especially the people in front of them, but we took part in the rest of the celebration. For this event, all the people are dressed in jeans with a white shirt and with a red bandana around their neck, so it is a really spectacular sight. Also, the center is full of mariachi bands playing traditional songs, and the people are dancing in the plaza, and they are selling local Mexican food and drinks from stands all over. It was a great feeling to be a part of such a tradition in Mexico.

Other than the celebration itself, the town is well worth visiting, as it is just like I imagined Mexico to be, from what I have seen before in movies, for example. It has architecture with huge Spanish influence and a very nice Gothic church on the main square.

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