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Highlights of Acapulco

Even though Acapulco was the first beach resort of Mexico, it still maintains its charm. If you are approaching Acapulco by car from the direction of Mexico City, an hour away from Acapulco you can already feel the tropical climate and humid air of Acapulco.

The beach in Acapulco is rather a bustling city-beach, so if you are seeking to relax on the beach it is well worth visiting the beach in the new Diamante zone of Acapulco, which is a 15-minute drive from the center. If you intend to go out, you can always find people on the strip and the beach handing out coupons for discounts to clubs, so take advantage to get a discounted cover price.

I highly recommend Acapulco for all ages, as it has a lot to offer for the young, and if you are traveling with family, the family-friendly resorts will provide many activities.

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