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It was a dusk in May 2001. The sun had just set in the west. A reddish twilight was spread over the Padma. A gentle breeze was flowing over the crops of the alluvial land. I was just sitting near the water. My friend Zakir was sinking towards the throat in the water of Padma. Shankar was reciting from the old scripture. It was just a celestial moment.

During another visit to Shilaidah, I enjoyed an evening there. On that evening I was standing on the first-floor balcony of the kuthibari. The night was just coming. I looked towards the earth. Many little flowers were shining in the earth. They are of many colors and sizes. How nice they were!

At a deep night of April, I was lying down on a stage of kuthibari. A strong wind was blowing. The earth was becoming cool. A small number of stars was twinkling in the sky. The big trees were moving their branches. Sounds of crickets and other insects were enjoyable. How excellent the night was!

So come to Shilaidah, stay here two nights, and become a poet.

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