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Getting to/from Syracuse is easy.

By Plane: Syracuse's airport (known as Hancock Airport) is conveniently located 10 minutes north of the city. There are numerous flights to and from the airport daily, connecting it to major cities like New York (1 hour flight), Detroit, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Las Vegas (yes, direct flights), Orlando, and many other points in between. Some of the major airlines that serve the airport are USAirways, United, Delta, JetBlue, and Continental. A new airline called TransMeridian connects Syracuse to Las Vegas, Orlando, and Puerto Rico.

The airport itself is divided into two wings, and each wing requires you to pass through security. So, once you're in one wing, you'll need to pass through security again to go to the other wing. The airport is not a huge one, so it is very easy to exit the plane, walk downstairs to the baggage claim, and find a taxi or other transportation within minutes. Taxis are located on the south end of the airport, next to the baggage claim.

By Train: Syracuse's Amtrak station used to be inconveniently located in East Syracuse. But, within the past 10 years a new transportation center was built on the city's redeveloping north side. Approximately 10 trains serve the city each day, going to/from New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Toronto. A train to New York takes approximately 5 hours. The train station is also part of the bus station, so making a connection to/from a bus is simple. A short walk away is Syracuse's Carousel Center mall, and the AAA Syracuse SkyChiefs baseball stadium (affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays).

By Bus: In the same building as the Amtrak station you can find bus service to many points to/from Syracuse. Greyhound, Adirondack Trailways, and other bus companies serve the station, which can take you to destinations such as Cortland, Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, and many small towns in between. Also, Syracuse's local bus service, Centro, serves the station, with frequent trips to the airport and downtown.

By Car: If you drive to Syracuse, both the New York State Thruway (I-90) and I-81 pass right through the city. I-81 will bring you into downtown, whereas I-90 passes through north of the city, with I-690 bringing you to downtown. I-481 surrounds the city, in case you do not want to pass through the city if on I-81.

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