Paramaribo Stories and Tips

Day 1 - Getting there

It is almost noon, but it feels like early morning to me. Yesterday we travelled for 24 hours - 4 flights, with layovers in between.

We found out in Miami that our next leg was overbooked and 3 of us (6 in our group) had no seats! Somehow they then got put into first class. That was a miracle!

More delays in Curacao, then finally, our last leg to Parimaribo. We landed at 1:00 AM and guess what?!? Some of our luggage was missing! We had to stand in a line with a third of the people from the plane to register it missing.

Then all 6 of us, our luggage, and 2 locals squeeze into our friends van. An hour and a half later we arrived at our hotel. A shower, Air Co., and a bed, at last!

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