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Celebrity Infinity

Infinity Photo, Alaska, United States

The Infinity was voted, in some poll, the "best". I am not sure that I would consider this ship the best I have ever been on. It was certainly luxury, but at times, it felt as if not much attention was given to the guests.

Boarding became quite a bad experience. We arrived at 1pm, as directed by the preboarding information. We had not eaten, since lunch would be provided up to 3:30pm. There were problems with boarding, and we did not get on board the ship until closer to 4pm. Lunch was no longer being served. What made that experience worse was that there was inadequate seating in the waiting area. Many people ended up standing or sitting on the floor. This included many older guests. It would have been nice if more chairs were brought out to accommodate the people.

On other cruise ships, food was never hard to find. Choices during non-meal times were limited. Since I am not a heavy drinker, I opted for the soft drink card. It sure beat the steep charge per drink.

This ship was definitely not one of the best ships I have been on. What it lacked in customer service (and for their reputation, I expected better), the beauty of Alaska was worth it.

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