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Sedona Day Trip

Bell Rock Photo, Arizona, United States

I had often heard of the beauty of the spiritual community of Sedona. This was a side trip I definitely wanted to make. Something drew me there. I can’t say what it was since I had seen only a few pictures and people I had spoken to only referred to its beauty. What I experienced, however, was something very personal. I am sure many people leave this place with a similar sense.

Upon arriving into the area, I was taken aback by the beauty of the landscape. Entering the valley, my eyes were greeted by the striking landforms that jetted out of the ground into these awesome formations of rich reds and earthy browns. Before even getting to the community itself, we had to pull off the road to pause, take some pictures, and take it the majesty of what lied ahead.

The climate that particular was quite hot and dry. We stopped off at the tourist center on the way in to pick up pamphlets on things to do (back road jeep rides, shopping, etc.), as well as to pick up water. We decided to walk through the town, have lunch, do a jeep ride, and see what things were here to see on a future trip back.

While walking through the small shops and galleries on the small tourist road, we came across the many common souvenirs. We took time to stop into the different galleries to marvel at some very unique art pieces. One stop was to a crystal shop located on the upper level near the center of the stretch of roadway. As with artwork, I was drawn to the different items in this shop in the same manner. I don’t know what is good, but I know what I like when I see it. I was like a little kid in the candy store. I saw a lot of things that I liked. I settled on an amethyst crystal surrounded by copper wiring to give to a friend. I found out later that this was made by a local artist, who I met at the door on the way out.

By afternoon, the weather had turned to something quite different. By mid-afternoon, the skies had darkened and the town was treated to a symphony of thunder and lightning and a showering of rain that lasted for at least an hour.

I didn’t know what to expect on this particular trip to a community that has beckoned me. I will be back again to spend the evening there to see what the spirits of this place have in store for me on my next journey.

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