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A Night To Remember

One of the weirdest, most memorable experiences of my life came one night when staying at the Archi Rossi Youth Hostel in Florence (I can’t seem to recommend this place enough, well, apart from the mozzies, but you get them everywhere). I met some nice travelers who suggested I come out with them since I was all by myself.

We tried to look for a nightclub and ended up wandering into the Festa d'Unita, a socialist festival that had been set up temporarily. There were loads of ethnic food stalls, folk music, and, bizarrely, a small dance floor, where children of 5 to 8 years old were line dancing to "Mambo No. 5". We left, not being particularly interested in Italian politics or listening to accordion music and rambled on through the hot night.

After much confusion and getting lost down small dark back streets, we found a club called 'Space' and rejoiced. Sadly, although it was a lot of fun, noisy, sweaty, and full of life, it was also full of tourists -- the DJ shouted out for all the Americans, Australians, and Brits to cheer in turn. We had a great time, despite the predominance of Justin Timberlake tunes, but I was left wondering, "Where do the Italians kids go for a good night out?" Does any one know this? I traveled around Italy all summer and couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere. Maybe they just don’t go clubbing, leaving that to the tourists. Oh well, it was still a great night.

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