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Safari Day 6: Exploring Amboseli

Thomson Gazelle Photo,

Another night with difficulty sleeping. The animals screaming and howling all night did not help. Having not slept for so many hours finally caught up with me. I felt ill but without any symptoms of an infectious disease. So I decided to sleep very late. We went out on a game drive about 11am. We essentially saw the same animals as yesterday. It was warmer and the animals were lounging around. I was definitely not feeling myself so I spent most of the drive seated. We spotted our first cheetahs by the road eating a freshly killed Thomson gazelle. They were beautiful! Smaller than a Lion but much larger than a large dog. Beautiful black spotted fur, long tail, small cat-like face, and a hump between the shoulders. We continued along the dusty track spotting all kinds of finches, storks, Fisher King eagle, a herd of beautiful oryx with its long, slender, curved horns, male and female lions. We saw lots of big, black Cape buffalo often covered in mud. They seemed to be the only animals that took notice of us. As we slowly drove by the buffalo would stop, stare intensely at us as if to dare us to get out. They are known as the biggest killer of humans in Africa. Our guide said they are the only animals that will chase a human if they spot a human. That is except for Maasai. He said animals fear the Maasai so they stay out of their way. Continuing on we saw plenty of herds of zebras, wildebeests, elephants, hyenas, egrets, and Grants gazelles. We came back to the lodge for lunch. I did not eat much, rather, I just sat on the veranda mindful of Monkeys trying to rip off my camera gear and watched some gazelles grazing in the distance. At 4pm, we were back on the trail. We saw much of the same as earlier except for a few more giraffes. Back at the lodge our guide was very concerned about my health and insisted that the lodge nurse come see me. He was insistent so I agreed. The restaurant staff was also very concerned. So at about 6pm, unexpectedly, lots of food arrived from the restaurant. A male nurse also arrived. He was dressed professionally, had a very good bedside manner and came equipped with a medical bag but his skills were not up to western standards and I will leave it at that. Fortunately, I am capable of treating myself but what I really needed was a good, uninterrupted, night’s sleep.

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