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Day Trip to Lynchburg, TN

I took the Grayline bus tour to the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, on my one free day in Nashville. In addition to the distillery tour (see separate journal entry), we had time to spend in "downtown" Lynchburg. With a population of less than 400, Lynchburg is a very small rural community that really caters to the tourist trade in the area. You will want to walk the entire town square (approximately 20 shops) and dine at one of the fine local cafés. I choose the Caboose BBQ Café (, which was outstanding. While I was there, Senator Bill Frist also dropped in for lunch. That was pretty cool! I heard others mention going to Miss Bobo's, although I think you must have reservations to get in there for lunch.

As you walk around town, you will, of course, be able to buy all the Jack Daniel's memorabilia you could ever want. But don't think you can buy whiskey there! It's a dry county. Go figure. There is one special store, The Barrel Shop, where they sell a lot of really neat things made from the barrels used in the production of the whiskey. Window-shopping there is in order.

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