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Shelling on the Beach

Galveston Photo, Galveston, Texas

I think we all have had that expierence of getting lost and actually finding something more interesting than the thing you were looking for in the first place. This was our expierence on Galveston Island. We got up early as we planned to spend a full day at Moody Gardens. However do to poor directions from our hotel and very poor signage alone Seawall Blvd, we zipped right past the turn-off for Moody Gardens. In reality, the travel gods were with us and had planned to take us another adventure!

I kept heading south, following the Gulf of Mexico away from the crowded beach and tourist area. The beach homes here were large and luxurious and all built on stilts to protect them from hurricanes and coastal flooding. By this time, I knew I must have gone too far, but I was enjoying the beach home tour. We drove through little beach communities with romantic names like Jamaica Beach. There were just a few small grocery stores and a local seafood shack or two this far out of town. However, the beach seemed to be broader and more beautiful here.

Soon we came to a toll bridge (that was unmanned) and a small island of more weekend homes. We knew we had come to the end of the road, and it was time to resume our hunt for Moody Gardens.

However, at the foot of the toll bridge, the kids noticed a car or two parked on the beach and folks fishing the Gulf of Mexico. They begged for us to explore a little more and also drive on the beach and see what these folks were fishing for. I thought twice about talking the rental car off the secure highway but was up for a little adventure myself, so off the road we drove! Splash! Right into a huge puddle, or was it a pond? Our car handled the water hazard just fine, and soon we were on the open beach!

The beach here was not as crowded as in Galveston, and it actually had some white sand. We parked the car and explored the beach by foot. The kids were delighted the minute they stepped out of the car and the sand was covered in sea shells - hundreds of them!

The kids walked up and down the beach with their hands and pockets filled with the most perfect shells. There were mostly scallop shells, but also some small conch shells. Many had unique and interesting colors. There is nothing like exploring a beach with kids! We found a dead squid, and that required a lot of examination.

We were the only ones on this beach, expect for a few fisherman in the far distance. The wind was blowing and it was a bit chilly. However we had a grand time walking up and down this beach on The Gulf of Mexico and finding gifts from the sea.

The water had some gentle waves and looked fairly calm. It was a bit too chilly to take a dip. There are no lifeguards way out here, so don't swim alone, and be catious if you do take a dip.

Of the the three days we spent in Galveston, this hour will be the part of the trip I remember the most. Yes, the travel gods were with us and made sure we got a little lost to show us this marvelous beach. When the travel gods point - follow!

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